Spetses Yacht Charter Spetses Day Cruise

Spetses Private Yacht Charter. Spetses luxury cruises around Spetses and the nearby islands. Unique itineraries and routes for the day yacht charter on Spetses island.
Sailing Yacht Spetses
Sailing Yacht Spetses
Sailing Yacht
Sailing Yacht
luxury Sailing Yacht Spetses
luxury Sailing Yacht Spetses

Explore Spetses & Hydra in comfort & style

Day yacht charter in Spetses, luxury cruises to magnificent beaches, coves and secret spots around Spetses and the nearby Mainland coast, Monemvasia, Nafplio or island hopping to Poros and Hydra.

Spetses yacht charter with cruising speed 27 knots and maximum speed of 33 knots.

Snorkeling, relax, dine, sunbathe and entertain on board or at the beach.

Spetses Yacht Charter, Day Cruise: 6 guests

Spetses Yacht Charter, Multi-Day Cruise: 4 guests

Spetses Yacht Charter

An experience you have never imagined.


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